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    STK501 - Top Module Board for STK500Back
    STK501 Large Photo

    The STK501 board is an expansion module designed to add 64-pin support to the Atmel STK500 Development Board.

    The STK501 includes connectors, jumpers and hardware allowing full support
    for the new features on the 64-pin devices.The Zero Insertion Force (ZIF)
    socket allows easy use of TQFP packages.

    In addition to providing support
    for new devices, the STK501 also adds support for peripherals previously
    not supported by the STK500.

    Main Features

    • Interfaces with AVR Studio
    • STK500 Compatible
    • Support 64-pin ATmega Devices
    • Support ISP and High-voltage Programming
    • Zero Insertion Force Socket for TQFP Packages
    • TQFP Footprint for Emulator Adapters
    • JTAG Connector for On-chip Debugging Using the JTAG ICE
    • Additional RS-232 Driver end Connector
    • Adds XRAM Support to the STK500 Board for Devices with XRAM Interface
    • On-board 32 kHz Clock Oscillator for Easy RTC Implemetations

    Supporing Software AVR Studio4 AVR Studio4
    Documents/Files AVR Studio4 The complete user guide is found in the AVR Studio On-line Help
      STK500 Schematics STK500 Schematics
    Supporting Devices ATmega128 Datasheet ATmega64
      ATmega128 Datasheet ATmega128
      ATmega128 Datasheet ATmega1281
      ATmega128 Datasheet ATmega2561
    Ordering Code ATSTK501


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